The Sensa range of bikes is well established in mainland Europe and now introduced into the RO in a major way by Atelier Pinion. The direct purchase from the manufacturer allows these custom build road bikes to be offered at an excellent price point allowing the customer to access a superior road bike at an affordable price.

Do you know the way to Almelo?

Sensa are based in Holland. In Almelo in eastern Holland to be precise. If you’re an avid bike racing junkie then you may have heard of this town before. The Profonde van Almelo is a UCI category 2.1 elite men’s and women’s professional road bicycle racing event held annually in the town.

Sensa have been producing bikes for 25 years now. There current slogan is “We make sportive bikes for active people, to enjoy cycling!” Which is as good a summary as you’ll find. Although it does overlook somewhat their racier bikes such as the aero Calabria and certain guises of their iconic Giulia.

By cyclists, for cyclists

They’re a relatively modest sized company, staffed almost entirely by enthusiastic cyclists. They ride a lot. And they don’t just rag it around the the Netherlands. They’re always bobbing off to the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Ardennes.

Sensa bikes are for riders. New riders, old riders, fast riders, steady riders. Anyone who gets their kicks from cycling is well served by a Sensa. Sensa bikes are easy to live with and reliable. They don’t really do one season wonders that have to be binned after hard season or two. Sensa are designed to be with you for a decent amount of time.

It starts with a frame but doesn’t end there

Sensa don’t chase to have the absolute stiffest or the absolute lightest frame. Their bikes are plenty stiff and light enough thanks but they have a healthy and realistic view that – although important – the frame is not the be all and end all of a bike. They put just as much emphasis and concentration on the most appropriate finishing kit as possible.

Speaking of which, Supra is Sensa’s in-house component brand. By having their own brand stuff it makes it possible to achieve a cohesiveness and performance that is very rare without much higher price tags. This is especially noticeable on models with Supra wheelsets.

They don’t really do cheap’n’ nasty bikes. All of their bikes meet a performance spec that, as cyclists themselves, Sensa are proud to bear their name.